The major casino candidate sites in Japan are

1 Hokkaido
2 Tokyo
3 Yokohama
4 Osaka
5 Okinawa


1 Hokkaido

Located at the northernmost tip of Japan, the area is very wide,
It is a popular tourist destination in Japan that can enjoy nature in recent years



2 Tokyo

Center of Tokyo in Japan!
The Olympic Games were held in 2020
Further development has been achieved



3 Yokohama city

Yokohama at the port town
It is active in attracting casinos, and has promised

to attract casino as soon as possible


4 Osaka

There is Kansai International Airport
Expo will be held
I would like to attract integrated resorts to landfill sites



4 Okinawa

Okinawa in the southernmost tip of Japan
It is the best resort in Japan
It is surrounded by beautiful sea

In recent years tourists from Asia are rapidly increasing
Construction of a large hotel is continuing.



Potential candidate sites are said to be Yokohama, Osaka, Tokyo.

The casino bill passed in Japan



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