Junk food in japan


One of the enjoyment of public gambling
It is to eat junk food

In a public gambling ground nationwide,
You can eat the local specialties food.


1,YAKISOBA Fried noodles

This yakisoba is the most popular at Kawasaki racecourse


2,Cold noodle

Cold noodle is famous for Morioka.
It is characterized by soup and noodles being cold


3,simmered pork innard


4,Grilled chicken


5,Grilled squid


6,Dumplings with Salty-sweet Sauce


7,Curry rice



8,Ice cream


When you will come to Japan by sightseeing
Junk food at public gambling ground
How about trying to eat?


source:Go Keiba http://www.keiba.go.jp/gokeiba/